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  • Transcending Academic Power Structures: Navigating STEM Misinformation for Undergraduate Learning 

    Mutch, Stephanie; Mercer, Kathryn; Weaver, Kari D. (Ontario Library Association, 2022-02)
    When students enter university, they learn that there are two types of information: information that can be found using library resources and the information that is found using Google. Sources are often framed in opposition ...
  • Report on Transformative Agreements 

    Byl, Lauren; Chee, Mike; Davies, Marian; Hale, Jordan; Harding, Tom; Hutchinson, Rebecca; Mancia, Cynthia (Waterloo Library Collection Strategy Committee's Transformative Agreements Working Group, 2022)
    This report was prepared for the University of Waterloo Library's Collection Strategy Committee to describe the current landscape of non-traditional publishing agreements between academic libraries and publishers. In ...
  • White Paper on OER: Seven Recommendations to Improve OER Uptake in Higher Education Institutions 

    Chee, Michael; Weaver, Kari D. (University of Waterloo Library, 2022)
    A qualitative study conducted with 13 faculty instructors at Waterloo on their interest, motivation, and use of OER informed seven recommendations made in this white paper. Recommendations are grouped in three categories: ...
  • PDF Accessibility: Considerations and Best Practices for Learning Objects and Other Library Materials 

    Voichita, Stefaniada; Kholodova, Janna; Chee, Mike; Weaver, Kari D. (University of Waterloo Library, 2022-03-30)
    Despite concerns raised about accessibility compliance, libraries and vendors still commonly create and use PDFs for information sharing and information literacy instruction, a trend heightened by the recent increase in ...
  • Best Practices for Library Exhibitions 

    Cannon, Caley; Comrie, Allison; Covert, Claudia; Kohl, Kristi; Meinke, Elizabeth; Ng-He, Carol; Peters, Carmen; Van Heukelem, Malia (Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA), 2021-11)
    Best Practices for Library Exhibitions provides a comprehensive framework and recommended practices for developing and managing exhibitions in art libraries and similar types of information environments. It offers real-world ...
  • Author Addendum Conundrum: Reconciling Author Use of Addenda With Publisher Acceptance 

    Byl, Lauren (Partnership Association, 2022-01-28)
    The purpose of this paper is simultaneously to investigate researcher use and awareness of author addenda (e.g., the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition [SPARC] author addendum) and publisher awareness ...
  • Are machine learning corpora “fair dealing” under Canadian law? 

    Brown, Dan; Byl, Lauren; Grossman, Maura R. (Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Computational Creativity, 2021-09)
    We consider the use of large corpora for training compuationally creative systems, particularly those that write new text based on the style of an existing author or genre. Under Canadian copyright law, a key concern for ...
  • The Proof is in the Pudding: Building a Local Repository for Online Learning Objects 

    Hale, Jordan; Weaver, Kari D. (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2021)
    Libraries are increasingly building collections of learning materials in electronic formats. As the availability grows, it becomes necessary to consider the long-term discovery, access, management, and local ownership ...
  • Library Impact Practice Brief: Supporting Bibliometric Data Needs at Academic Institutions. 

    Gordon, Shannon; Hitchens, Alison (Association of Research Libraries, 2020-10-28)
    This practice brief presents research conducted by staff at the University of Waterloo Library as part of the library’s participation in ARL’s Research Library Impact Framework initiative. The research addressed the question, ...
  • Integrating Equity and Reconciliation Work into Archival Descriptive Practice at the University of Waterloo 

    Robichaud, Danielle (Archivaria, 2021-06)
    Despite sustained calls for a critical review of harmful content within archival descriptive records, there remains much to be explored by way of implications for Canadian academic archives. This article addresses the ...
  • Academic Status Institutional Comparisons Report 

    Hale, Jordan; Hutchinson, Rebecca; Weaver, Kari D. (Librarians' and Archivists' Association of the University of Waterloo, 2020-03)
    This report was distributed to Librarians' and Archivists' Association of the University of Waterloo members in advance of consultations pertaining to a potential change in employment status.
  • Migrating Archival Descriptive Records to AtoM: The Good, the Bad and the Yikes 

    Robichaud, Danielle (Archives Association of Ontario, 2020-10)
    Special Collections & Archives at the University of Waterloo Library began migrating from a series of internal descriptive databases to a public facing instance of AtoM in 2016. This article provides an overview of the ...
  • Wikipedia as an arena for public scholarship 

    Robichaud, Danielle (Centre for Career Action, 2020-10-14)
    Wikipedia provides scholars with an avenue for meaningfully contributing to the widely used public knowledge platform despite contribution guidelines that restrict the use of original research. This slide-based learning ...
  • Physician and Pharmacist Medication Decision-Making in the Time of Electronic Health Records: Mixed-Methods Study 

    Mercer, Kathryn; Burns, Catherine; Guirguis, Lisa; Chin, Jessie; Dogba, Maman Joyce; Dolovich, Lisa; Guénette, Line; Jenkins, Laurie; Légaré, France; McKinnon, Annette; McMurray, Josephine; Waked, Khrystine; Grindrod, Kelly (JMIR, 2018-07)
    Background: Primary care needs to be patient-centered, integrated, and interprofessional to help patients with complex needs manage the burden of medication-related problems. Considering the growing problem of polypharmacy, ...
  • Walking the Talk: Editing Wikipedia with Purpose 

    Robichaud, Danielle (2020-03-10)
    Started nineteen years ago Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites on the Internet, but its popularity is not without issue. Editors are predominantly males from the global north which has led to documented systemic ...
  • “My pharmacist”: Creating and maintaining relationship between physicians and pharmacists in primary care settings 

    Mercer, Kathryn; Neiterman, Elena; Guirguis, Lisa; Burns, Catherine; Grindrod, Kelly (Elsevier, 2020-01)
    Background Pharmacists and physicians are being increasingly encouraged to adopt a collaborative approach to patient care, and delivery of health services. Strong collaboration between pharmacists and physicians is known ...
  • Predatory Publishing: Hidden Pitfalls with High Costs 

    Bredahl, Laura; Holland, Leslie; Johnson, Scott (2018)
    What is a Predatory Publisher: With little or no actual services or scholarly review being performed the sole purpose of these publishers is to make money through fraudulently charging authors fees, often guised as processing ...
  • Selection and Influence: A Meta-Analysis of the Association Between Peer and Personal Offending 

    Gallupe, Owen; McLevey, John; Brown, Sarah (Springer, 2019-06)
    Objectives Whether people are affected by the criminal behavior of peers (the “influence” perspective) or simply prefer to associate with others who are similar in their offending (the “selection” perspective) is a ...
  • Inevitably Wikipedia 

    Robichaud, Danielle (2019-10-24)
    Broad overview of editing Wikipedia through an archival lens, including contributing to the Wikimedia Commons.
  • Understanding Undergraduate Engineering Student Information Access and Needs: Results from a Scoping Review 

    Mercer, Kathryn; Weaver, Kari; Stables-Kennedy, Ariel (American Society for Engineering Education, 2019-06-16)
    To the authors knowledge this is the first review to examine the current body of research on how engineering students access, use, and understand information; identify gaps in the literature, and how this can be used to ...

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