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    • Breaking Down Barriers: Examining the Accessibility of Global Water Futures Research 

      Eager, Sara; Persaud, B.D.; Goucher, N.; Grant, J.; Behbooei, M.; Dukacz, K.; Van Cappellen, Philippe; Lin, Jimmy; Adapa, P. (University of Waterloo, 2023)
      The Global Water Futures program (GWF) was granted $77.8 million by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund to conduct research on the forecasting and management of water futures in Canada as part of an effort to combat ...
    • Carbon Budget of an Urban Stormwater Pond: Importance of Riparian Vegetation 

      Sabur, Md Abdus; Kaykhosravi, Sarah; Slowinski, Stephanie; Van Cappellen, Philippe (University of Waterloo, 2023-05-15)
      Stormwater ponds (SWPs) within urban areas are rapidly growing as a runoff and nutrient control measure and act as reactive zones for carbon and nutrient cycling. While SWPs are known to emit significant amounts of carbon ...
    • Changes in Lake Phosphorus Loading and Cycling Accompanying the Transition from Agricultural to Urban Land Use in a Watershed of the Greater Toronto Area 

      Slowinski, Stephanie; Radosavljevic, Jovana; Graham, Alyssa; Ippolito, Isabella; Thomas, Kathryn Elizabeth; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun; Shafii, Mahyar; Parsons, Chris T.; Basu, Nandita B.; Wiklund, Johan Andre; Hall, Roland; Van Cappellen, Philippe (University of Waterloo, 2023-05-05)
      Agricultural intensification and urbanization alter biogeochemical cycling and substantially increase the export of nutrients, including phosphorus (P), to downstream lake ecosystems. Here, we reconstruct the post-1920 ...
    • Direct Wastewater Treatment Plant Inputs of Microplastics to the Laurentian Great Lakes 

      Alcott, Lewis; Shahvaran, Ali Reza; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun; Van Cappellen, Philippe (University of Waterloo, 2023-05-15)
      Whilst wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) have an inadvertent high microplastics retention capacity (typically >70%), they are also an important point source of pollutants to aquatic environments. This allows WWTPs to ...
    • The effect of soil moisture and oxygen content on naphthalene biodegradation 

      Ye, Jane; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun; Slowinski, Stephanie; Ramezanzadeh, Mehdi; Vandergriendt, Marianne; Van Cappellen, Philippe (Global Water Futures, 2023-05-15)
      Petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC) contamination of soil and groundwater is a serious threat to ecosystems and natural resources worldwide. Biodegradation is a key process contributing to the natural attenuation and remediation ...
    • The Effects of Winter Pulsed Warming and Snowmelt on Nitrogen Cycling in Agricultural Soils: A Lysimeter Study 

      Green, Danielle; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun; Jordan, Sean; Wagner-Riddle, Claudia; Henry, Hugh; Slowinski, Stephanie; Van Cappellen, Philippe (University of Waterloo, 2023-05-15)
      In cold regions, climate change is expected to result in warmer winter temperatures and increased temperature variability. Coupled with changing precipitation regimes, these changes can decrease soil insulation by reducing ...
    • Enzymatic degradation of PET plastic 

      Griffiths, Erin; Slowinski, Stephanie; Honek, John; Van Cappellen, Philippe; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun (University of Waterloo, 2024-02-02)
      Previous work has shown that the degradation of plastics such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) using commercial grade enzymes is possible and highly effective in lab settings. However, the environmental factors controlling ...
    • Field validation of DNA-based biosensor for rapid detection of ultra-trace mercury(II) in natural waters 

      Pi, Kunfu; Liu, Juewen; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun; Van Cappellen, Philippe (University of Waterloo, 2023-05-15)
      Mercury (Hg) remains a significant pollutant of global concern. In particular, contamination of surface water and groundwater by Hg poses severe threats, unrecognized in many cases, to the drinking water safety of numerous, ...
    • GlobalReservoirModel V1.0 A new global reservoir modeling database 

      Yu, Shengde; Radosavljevic, Jovana; Van Cappellen, Philippe (University of Waterloo, 2023-05-15)
      With increasing of population and socioeconomic development during the last decades, global constructions of dams and reservoirs have surged in diverse applications, such as flood control, and hydropower generation etc. ...
    • Investigating drivers of microplastic pollution in urban settings 

      Reshadi, Mir Amir Mohammad; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun; Nguyen, Thu Hang; Slowinski, Stephanie; Kaykhosravi, Sarah; Van Cappellen, Philippe (University of Waterloo, 2023-05-30)
      As one of the emerging contaminants and the major by-products of plastic materials, microplastics (MPs) have recently been stated as being remarkable contaminants of different environmental matrices including soils, ...
    • Landfill cover soils: variable moisture and temperature effects on methane oxidation 

      Lam, Christina; Slowinski, Stephanie; Willms, N; Hug, L; Van Cappellen, Philippe; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun (University of Waterloo, 2023-05-15)
      Landfills are one of the largest anthropogenic sources of methane (CH4), comprising over 20% of Canada’s CH4 emissions. Hot-spots of CH4 emissions in landfill cover soils have shown an enrichment of microbes that consume ...
    • Microplastics Research Data: Evaluating the Current State of Findability and Accessibility and Recommendations for Improving Data Sharing  

      Jenkins, Tia; Persaud, Bhaleka; Cowger, Win; Szigeti, Kathy; Roche, Dominique; Clary, Erin; Slowinski, Stephanie; Lei, Benjamin; Abeynayaka, Amila; Nyadjro, Ebenezer; Mae, Thomas; Thornton Hampton, Leah; Bergmann, Melanie; Aherne, Julian; Mason, Sherri; Honek, John; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun; Lusher, Amy; Booth, Andy; Smith, Rodney; Van Cappellen, Philippe (University of Waterloo, 2022-12-16)
      With concerns about microplastic pollution increasing, actionable research is needed to inform funding priorities, environmental policy, and mitigation strategies. It is therefore crucial that the corresponding research ...
    • Modeling of Microplastic Emission, Transport, and Retention in Urban Stormwater Ponds 

      Reshadi, Mir Amir Mohammad; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun; Kaykhosravi, Sarah; Nguyen, Thu Hang; Slowinski, Stephanie; Shahvaran, Ali Reza; Van Cappellen, Philippe (University of Waterloo, 2024)
      Urban areas are the major sources of microplastics to the environment, given their high concentration of people, road traffic, and mismanaged waste. Stormwater runoff, one of the major carriers of urban-derived MPs to ...
    • Modelling reduction and enrichment effects of urban stormwater best management practices on phosphorus at the watershed scale 

      Zhou, Bowen; Radosavljevic, Jovana; Parsons, Chris T.; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun; Passeport, Elodie; Van Cappellen, Philippe (University of Waterloo, 2023-05-18)
      A variety of best management practices (BMPs) are being implemented to attenuate the increasing eutrophication risk caused by excessive phosphorus (P) export via urban stormwater runoff. However, P reduction performance ...
    • My data collection is complete, now what? Connecting researchers to Data Repositories that can support Cold Regions Researchers 

      Sairam, Pranav; Persaud, Bhaleka; Steeleworthy, Michael; Van Cappellen, Philippe (University of Waterloo, 2020-11-27)
      The natural climate variability of the cold regions, together with the relatively sparse observational data sets and difficult terrain can make data collection which supports key science challenging. Notwithstanding, ...
    • A phosphorus mass-balance model for the Lake St. Clair-Lake Erie system: How important is in-lake phosphorus loading? 

      Bocaniov, Serghei; Van Cappellen, Philippe (University of Waterloo, 2023-05-14)
      Management of eutrophication in lakes usually focuses on reducing external phosphorus (P) loads. However, several in-lake mechanisms can add significant amounts of new and recycled P to the water column, hence, contributing ...
    • Quantitative insights into phosphorus loadings and speciation in urban catchments 

      Shafii, Mahyar; Slowinski, Stephanie; Bhusal, Yubraj; Sabur, Md Abdus; Hitch, Calvin; Withers, William; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun; Van Cappellen, Philippe (University of Waterloo, 2023-05-16)
      Phosphorus (P) loadings in stormwater runoff drained from urban landscapes causes eutrophication in aquatic ecosystems downstream of urban areas. Many recent research have addressed urban P dynamics to improve understanding ...
    • Salinization increases eutrophication symptoms in freshwater urban lakes of North America 

      Radosavljevic, Jovana; Slowinski, Stephanie; Zhou, Bowen; Parsons, Chris T.; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun; Alcott, Lewis; Shafii, Mahyar; Van Cappellen, Philippe (University of Waterloo, 2023-05)
      The acceleration of global urbanization continues to fuel concerns surrounding water quality impairments in urban lakes, particularly their eutrophication. Eutrophication of freshwater environments is generally assumed to ...


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